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ADV Adventure Modular O-Road Trailer

Click Here To Visit Adventure Modular O-Road Trailer is one of a kind Patented system, that allows for many uses, varies assembly options for multiple applications.The system fully disassembled serve as a basic flat-bed trailer capacity of 1,5 tons Additional attachment on the flat bed trailer is all designed for quick release and assembly.The ADV Bins, attach to the trailer, is reinforced for total protection of cargo and allow for the attachment of many components. The Plastic molded bins is also modular in design. Note: The ADV Bin comes standard with multiple Drawer options. ADV has a number of inner designs available from full to half kitchen setup, Fridges, Wash Bays and storage options.However, the Bins allows the owner to put in already owned.

Abba Campers

Click Here To Visit Safari Camper is a user-friendly camping concept fitted onto your everyday workhorse within minutes. It is the ultimate luxury safari camper and the only way to go on a bush holiday. A safari camper is not a new or unique concept but we redefined and perfected it to deliver on all round luxury, convenience and ease of use. With special emphasis placed on easy installation and removal. We have spent many years designing and modifying the camper to suit any over land and touring needs. We have worked with a no compromise attitude and the end result reflects a hard working product that can go anywhere from the Kruger Park to deepest darkest Africa.

Adventure Trailers

Click Here To Visit aim to be the cheapest supplier of quality camping trailers & caravans making holidays affordable Based in Springs, Gauteng (Johannesburg East) Our business was established due to our passion for the outdoors

Afrispoor Off Road Campers

Click Here To Visit Coombes and his team manufacture and assemble all Afrispoor caravans by hand in Durban and can ship them to anywhere in the world. Afrispoor Caravans are high quality, fully functional, off-road caravans built tough and reliable to suit Africa’s rugged conditions. Our caravans are assembled to be hassle-free and provide you with all you need to be organised and comfortable while you enjoy your offroad adventures where ever they might be. Come in, call or email your requirements and we will set you up with a Bespoke Offroad Camping Caravan ready for adventure! Built Africa Tough from our own experiences !


Click Here To Visit fireside debate stokes quite as many coals as this one, but despite the so-called A-list of vehicles (Land Cruiser, Defender, Wrangler, and the Gelandewagen), the real “ultimate overland vehicle” is… Well, we’ll get to that later − but we’ve found that in our customers, those who travel most and furthest are generally the ones who keep things simple, lightweight, and versatile. In 2000, when our Alu-Cab journey began, our own African travel experiences taught us that space and weight were the two greatest hurdles facing any overland traveller. To address this, we developed the first-ever aluminium canopy – specifically engineered for adventure travellers. But the development didn’t stop there: and the more we refined, strengthened and accessorised the canopy, the more we realised its boundless potential.

Badger Caravans | Adventure Caravans

Click Here To Visit in February 2020 are the Badger X-Over, and the Badger Lite! We have used our many years of 4×4 experience and camping knowledge to inspire the design of our innovative caravan where comfort as well as practicality are key. Our unique patented foldout sleeping area means that this compact caravan offers generous accommodation. The team at Badger have some 12 years’ experience in fiberglass and have the skills and expertise to produce a top quality, light, yet robust caravan, using the best materials available.

Border X Offroad 4 X 4 Caravan

Click Here To Visit are proud to present a caravan built with a durable Stainless Steel (3CR12) chassis. Sheet metal laser cut and bend to perfection. Materials used are aimed to give a long lasting, wood-rot and rust free camping. Using first grade composite panel to give the best insulated product on the market for the main shell. Real bamboo is used to give mobile luxury. Dual independent suspension will give peace of mind that you will get to your destination hassle free.

Bush Lapa

Click Here To Visit https://www.bushlapa.comBuilt for offroad use and this is clear from both the chassis and the body construction.Designed for comfort, yet rugged and bush-proof. It looks like a trailer, camps like a caravan and feels like a 4X4

Checkmate Caravans

Click Here To Visit Caravans is built in Gauteng by Camp Elite Trading. While the business was only founded late in 2017, the Director and staff has more than 50 years combined fibreglass manufacturing experience and high-volume production knowledge. Checkmate Caravans are built to last and has no wood in the construction of the walls, roof or floor. The furniture is made of litewood wrapped with ABS decorative foil – the same used in designer kitchens worldwide. The chassis has been designed in partnership with the extremely knowledgeable engineers at Roadque to make it not only the strongest but also the lightest chassis possible. Although our vans are mainly for on-road use the construction is strong enough to take on any gravel road. The warranty is guided by the Customer Protection Act, but we absolutely strive towards a claim-free product! We offer three different models – Checkmate Pawn, Knight and Queen.

Crown Caravans

Click Here To Visit Road Caravan Range launched at 2019 Caravan Show

Conqueror Caravans & Trailers

Click Here To Visit can’t define what adventure means to you, but we can help you get there. Whether you are exploring Africa’s back roads or planning a short weekend away with the family, our range of campers will leave you with memories that’ll warm you from the inside. Conqueror has over the past 30 years become the benchmark and industry leaders in Caravan and Camper trailer designs. Our most prestigious awards won to date has been The Great Outdoors Guide’s Caravan of the Year and Off-Road Trailer of the year awards.

Custom Campers | Gray Caravan

Click Here To Visit know vans, and we know how to turn them into the ultimate road tripping vehicles. Contact us today to see how we can create your custom road tripping van. You might never want to go home again.

Camper Sales

Click Here To Visit prepare Bobo Campers' ex-rental fleet motorhomes for sale and offer them to the public at discounted prices. Motorhomes are equipped to the levels that they were at point of original purchase with additional features like radio/CD, air conditioning in the cabin and in the living area and rear roof ventilator (on some models only). More information about all our models can be found here Service history available for each model. All models can be inspected at our premises when available and can even be viewed underneath by accessing the undercarriage from our sunken bridge at our Johannesburg branch.

Destination Caravans

Click Here To Visit your dream and tick off your caravan bucket list with this 4 berth beauty. It’s a double axle dream featuring a 12 000BTU aircon-inverter, queen size bed, toilet, shower, retractable outside kitchen and a variety of other great features to make your holiday a time of complete bliss and comfort. Live your dream by purchasing a Dream from Destination Caravans. Configure your perfect caravan by adding accessories such as the CTEK CTX 12v Battery Sense, a rally tent and a rearview bluetooth camera so that you can see exactly what’s happening behind you. Then you’ll be all set for the perfect holiday. Realise your dream today! Why wait?

Echo 4×4 and NTS

Click Here To Visit 4×4 and NTS are owned by husband and wife, Willie & Rochelle Grobler. They have a dedicated and hardworking force behind them of over 200 employees to guarantee you the highest quality products. Willie, Rochelle and their team have built over 10,000 trailers to date. They are regarded as leaders in the manufacturer of tough, durable and innovative off road products. Furthermore, the Echo products hold their value even in the the second hand market. The premises of Echo 4×4 is a complete lifestyle centre. Customers can relax while deciding on what they would like to purchase. Come have a leisurely coffee or maybe even a lunch with the family while you consider your options on all the products on display. The well stocked showroom has all sorts of camping gear and gadgets to make your adventure a memorable one. The proud Echo 4×4 team is always on hand to assist and engage with you. In addition you can get advice from Willie when he is available in the store. Whether you are looking to purchase or just need information to make the decision before you buy. Echo 4×4 is where your adventure begins.

GT Camper

Click Here To Visit has been my life long passion and I’ve used all the different styles of transport and equipment to feed it, but nothing beats a trip in my 4WD with my own camping gear and travelling plans. There are 2 things that I do hate about such a trip and they are the packing of all the gear and the pitching of my tent. A caravan is also not the answer, because it won’t always go where I want to go. I need something that is Simple, Comfortable and Strong. As result I’ve built a camper trailer to suit my own needs. That was the birth of the Great Track adventure camper. JM Klopper Great Track Founder

Howling Moon

Click Here To Visit Moon is made in South Africa with over 40 years experience in textiles and manufacturing. We pride ourselves to be the leaders in our field and strive to be the best in the market. The Base of our tent A composite bonded structure exactly the same as our caravan side wall construction. The composite construction comprises of a 1 mm aluminium skin on either surface which clads a composite of Pine timber and polystyrene. The construction gives us the edge over our competitors as it gives us a “super light, super strong base with insulation and thermal retention properties. The Fabric We only use the best materials with the highest specifications. Our Polyester/ Cotton blend of fabric woven into a ripstop construction to increase tear and tensile strength. The cotton, a natural fibre, gives us superior thermal and sewing properties, while the Polyester enhances the strength of the fabric. The fabric is pigment coated, giving the end fabric, superior colour fastness to light and weathering. The coating gives the fabric its resistance to UV and heat degradation as well as making exceptionally resistant to fungal attack. Howling Moon specifies a post treatment of fluorocarbon. The coating increases the protection of the fabric to soliage and water ingress through the seams. The fluorocarbon making the fabric exceptionally slippery and promoting water run off and due to this more rapid drying and preventing wetting out of the fabric.

Invader Off-Road Campers

Click Here To Visit to the Invader! Step inside the Invader off- road camper and you have the space, quality and comfort of a caravan. Yet when ready to travel, it is a rugged, heavy duty 4X4 off-road trailer with attitude. Fulfilling the needs of an adventurer who wants ease and comfort, the Invader is equally at home in a caravan park or travelling Africa's roads. Both men and women love the Invader! With comfortable beds, hot/cold water, vanity basin, portable toilet, shower, ample cupboards and a fully fitted kitchen with microwave, gas stove and fridge/freezer, women and children feel taken care of. Let the soft interior not mislead you, as the ease of towing, quick set up time, light weight as well as rugged off-road capabilities, impress the men. And when they arrive at their destiny they can set up camp quickly. With more than 50 years of combined camping experience, the Invader team gives priority to the camper's needs with a focus on detail where it counts. For this and much more, take a step inside the world of Invader!


Click Here To Visit believes that the best times are those spent traveling, discovering the world with those you love most. We hope that our innovative products will give you those absolute best times! “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” – Jack Kerouac, On The Road Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road ” deeply inspired Soon Park, iKamper’s founder. The themes of adventure, discovery, freedom, and passion deeply resonated with Soon, who traveled all over the US between 2009 and 2012 with his family. Soon met incredible people throughout his travels and visited beautiful locations, which is the origin of iKamper’s slogan “Love People, Love Nature”.

Jurgens Campworld

Click Here To Visit Campworld (formerly known as Jurgens CI) is the one of the country’s oldest manufacturer of caravans and trailers. Established 67years ago, Jurgens holds a substantial share of the local caravan market in Southern Africa. Further to this, in an export operation, it sends locally manufactured caravan kits to an independent company in Australia for assembly and sale. Also, the company is renowned for the quality and engineering of its on- and off-road trailers – the latter incorporating the Jurgens Safari 4×4 range – and as for its specialist conversions of purpose-specific vehicles. Jurgens Caravans and Trailers are retailed through most Campworld outlets. Visit our dealer page for a list of recommended outlets.

Lifestyle Centre

Click Here To Visit Lifestyle Centre was born when we identified that the vibrant South Africa leisure market was growing and ready for an exclusive leisure travel solution. The offering is unique (just like SA itself) and gives our clients an opportunity to actually OWN and manage their leisure experience. The product was designed for families that are looking for the ultimate leisure experience and not just a holiday. Why go to one destination for a week when you can experience a different destination daily with our range of new, demo and used motor homes. Visit us at our new Lifestyle Centre and let us help you to travel with style and comfort AND at your own pace.

Motor King & Marine - Caravan Division

Click Here To Visit are a family business in Pretoria that has been blessed to stay in business for over 44 years with Leon Odendaal as you skipper in charge. Nico Barnard is Leon’s Son in Law and Right hand man, together they will make your boating dreams come true. We are the Home of Parsun and Tohatsu outboard engines and we supply 51 dealers across South Africa with over 6 300 units sold already. Tohatsu represents 90% of the engines during the grueling Trans Agulhas annual rubber duck racing, a true testimony of this products power, quality and longevity.


Click Here To Visit https://www.maxmo.lifeThank you for visiting Maxmo - we are excited to present to you these carefully selected products and believe that it should compliment many a dream to tour and explore! More and more South Africans are joining the "Camp where you drive" movement: Great to have a quality kitchen and toilet handy wherever you are, whether it be holiday, sport or even the school run. These campers are lighter, safer and much more economical than having to tow something, but also surprisingly roomy and versitile! Enjoy our range, have fun in preparing the spec of your own Maxmo right here on the website and please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or a demo. You can also follow the Maxmo newsletter on our Facebook page.

Mobi Lodge

Click Here To Visit http://www.mobilodge.comThe design brief was to have more practical space inside than a double axle caravan but with a proper island bed, spacious permanent bathroom, lovely kitchen, less than 5 minutes setup time and most importantly; 32" wheels and 500cm ground clearance with true go-everywhere capability. So, with the Mobi Lodge you do not need both a luxury tar caravan as well as an off-road tent-with-wheels anymore - now you can enjoy one new generation product in Botswana, Namib, Richtersveld and Mosambique and the very next trip take your Mobi Lodge to a luxury camp in the Kruger, Ballito or Stormsriviermond with every luxury you might need. Customize your Mobi Lodge exactly as per your needs, tow it with ease to any destination you want and enjoy space and comfort that was not previously possible: This is what we call - clever camping!


Click Here To Visit http://www.motorhome-world.comMotorhome-World is a motorhome manufacturing and sales company manufacturing motorhomes of a high standard. Situated in Atlantis, Cape Town, the company is geared towards delivering motorhomes to the standard that is required and demanded by todays modern traveller. Only top grade materials are used and our modern spacious designs will appeal to the customer who wants to make the most of this great life-style. Motorhome-World was established in 2001 to give the customer more choice and options on the South African market at a competitive price. We want to design your dream and wishes by using our vast experience and manufacturing know-how. European standards have been integrated into the building and design while not forgetting the unforgiving circumstances that Southern Africa can present. Click through our site and see what we can offer you. Please do not forget to contact us should you need any information. We will be more than glad to assist you in your choice and the many available options.

oKapi by Nayela

Click Here To Visit one of the most talked-about new caravans to be launched this year is the Okapi by Nayela. This is the first leisure caravan to be built by Nayela, who are actually a manufacturer of multi-purpose trailvans for horses, quadbikes, motorcycles, etc. The Okapi is an innovative design from top to bottom, front to back. The first aspects you’ll notice on this new caravan is the aerodynamic nose, the double axle, the lift-up roof, and the high departure angle at the back. These interesting designs are continued on the luxurious interior, where the front area consists of a half-circle of seating, an island bed on a slide-out in the middle, and a bathroom at the back. The Okapi is constructed from a fibreglass mono-hull body (meaning it’s one piece that comes from a mould), and fibreglass underside on an Al-Ko chassis. Most of the interior is also moulded shapes

Okto Caravans

Click Here To Visit was founded by a group of dedicated caravan experts who have been involved in the industry for many years. Their passion for caravanning, combined with the opportunity to bring something new and different to the South African market, forged them together to create a new, exciting product for local caravanners. OKTO Caravans is a manufacturer of lightweight caravans. The company uses the latest manufacturing machinery and European construction technology, tempered with some South African robustness, to build a caravan that will be unique in the South African market. The team is committed to designing a practical caravan with a distinct style and elegance, to make caravanning an adventure for the whole family. In putting our caravans together, we will partner with other industry players, bringing together the best knowledge and experience with German -like efficiency to ensure a product of the highest quality. By honouring our promise to deliver a great product, we are building a brand that caravanners in South Africa will love and trust.

Panther Custom Caravans

Click Here To Visit started business as a closed corporation in 1995. We started selling branded audio products for automotiveand home entertainment. We expanded by including custom car audio and various other customizing on the interiorand exterior of motor vehicles. This lead to the water transfer coating process (carbon fibre / wood grain)that started in 2000. Due to our history with electrical wiring and our credible references; Panther was also contacted by various caravan companies and started manufacturing electrical wiring harnesses. Being an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast, I realized that there were many young couples and families that wanted to enhance their camping equipment but could not afford to upgrade or purchase a new vehicle that would enable them to tow a large heavy caravan. With fuel costs escalating on a monthly basis it soon became evident that senior citizens at some point needed to scale down; as they could no longer afford to drive large vehicles and struggled to maneuver their large caravans at camp sites and at home. This was the catalyst for us to develop a small convenient caravan to fill this requirement. That was the beginning of the manufacturing of Panther’s own exclusive customized Caravans. We manufacture our own chassis as well as the inner and outer fiberglass shell. Modifications were done to complete the prototype and the Panther Alpha came to life with the Panther Cub as the more economic version. Our entire caravan shell is manufactured from fiberglass which eliminates wood rot completely. Our caravan interior can be customized to meet individual requirements when placing your order.

Quantum Leisure Luxury Caravans

Click Here To Visit being in the manufacturing industry for the past 22 years, we decided it was time for a new challenge. With all the skills and machinery already available – combined with a passion for outdoor and camping – a new caravan was born. This resulted in the Quantum Leisure range of luxury caravans that is practical, affordable and of high quality.With our luxury caravans we want to make the camping experience as easy as possible. By moving some main parts of the kitchen outside, you can use your gas stove and basin by only pulling out a drawer. We also incorporated a bunker bed system – saving space – but giving the kids their own beds!

Stealth Caravans

Click Here To Visit and incredibly durable. The Stealth Evolution XR6 represents a revolutionary new era for caravanning in South Africa. Addressing the drawbacks of many current products in the market. This mid-market 220-volt caravan, literally, breaks the mould with its innovative design and manufacturing process. After conducting extensive research into global caravanning trends, attending trade shows in Australia and Europe, and speaking directly to customers and dealers; Stealth Caravans identified the key areas that would inform the Evolution's design ethos. With a focus on superior construction and materials, the Evolution eliminates the use of wood entirely in the side wall structure using imported fiberglass and Styrofoam from Europe, resulting in a robust yet light-weight design impervious to water ingress and rot. Where timber is used in the roof structure and roof surround only the best quality marine ply is used and by nature of its design cannot be exposed to water in any way.

Summit Offroad

Click Here To Visit Summit we have a simple goal; design campers that are practical to use and capable of conquering any terrain. Our campers are proudly built in South Africa and have been tested in the harshest conditions across the African continent. Our products are constantly in development as we find new, innovative ideas to improve the camping experience. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our campers in weird and wonderful places, check out the adventures page for stories from our happy clients.

Swift Caravans

Click Here To Visit seen during the 2018 Show: Swift is the UK’s largest manufacturer of touring Caravans, Motorhomes and Holiday Homes. The Group has a turnover of over £200m and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Group has gone from strength to strength in recent years and the workforce has grown to over 1,080 employees. Our head office is based in Cottingham, East Yorkshire and we also have sites at Hedon Road in Hull and Mexborough in South Yorkshire.

TuffCats Off-Road Caravans & Trailers

Click Here To Visit CATS are out of the bag – and ready for some TUFF adventures in the untamed African bush. TuffCats off-road caravans, trailers and campers offer you holidays in the wild with the benefit that you leave only your footprints behind. The Shumba (Shona for ‘lion’) 4x4 caravan is the king of the jungle – ready for the rugged outdoors, but still royal. The Shumba Cub, the smaller caravan, is the successor to the throne. But more than one cat rule the bush, and so the Mbada trailers (Shona for ‘leopard’) are also built for those who prefer their cats leaner and meaner. TuffCats – leave only your footprints.


Click Here To Visit vehicles make a statement, no matter where you travel to or from. Travelstar has ensured that not only do you feel at home in your motorhome, but that you feel like you are camping in the great outdoors. The convenience features keep you comfortable and are not too opulent or extravagant that you miss out on the experience of camping and getting away from it all. Travelstar adds wheels to the comforts of home, surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors. The Motorhomes offer the ultimate experience for any family or group of up to 6 people. You will find that our Motorhomes are well equipped and have more standard features than you can imagine, ensuring your adventuring needs are met with comfort and convenience.The Travelstar manufacturing process incorporates expert engineering, state-of-the-art technology and industry leading construction techniques. These manufacturing attributes are complemented with sophisticated fittings and accessories. The vehicle, plus all fitted accessories come with a 1year/90 000km manufacturing warranty

UniPod Toy Haulers

Click Here To Visit in Pretoria, we design and develop a practical solution for camping and transporting recreational goods (your toys). It was as few years ago when I first had to decide whether to keep the wife and kids happy with the comfort of a caravan or take the toys with on holiday (bikes, quad bikes, kayaks, etc) So you can imagine the excitement when I came across Toy Haulers available in the United States and Australia… My problem was solved! After doing some homework I couldn’t find what I was looking for here in South Africa which is when we started the extensive research into the various construction methods available to build my very own toy hauler and UNIPOD TOY HAULERS was established

Vagabond Teardrop Caravans

Click Here To Visit Vagabond Teardrop Caravans are the ideal travel companions for family weekends, couples looking to tour places such as the Kruger Park, Garden Route and Drakensburg or the adrenalin junky ready to hit the mountain bike trails, rivers or waves. This makes Vagabond the no.1 all- round caravan on the South African market

Venter Trailers

Click Here To Visit 50 years and stil going strong.

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